Guard and Protection Training Courses

The Guard and Protection Course lasts three months after the Caninus Centre Obedience course has been completed or for dogs with high training quality coming from other centres to Caninus Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center.

  • Treino para Cães, Hotel para cães
  • Treino de cães e Hotel para cães Caniroa
  • Treino de cães e Hotel para cães Caniroa Pastor Alemão
  • Treino para Cães, Hotel para cães
  • Treino para Cães, Hotel para cães
  • Treino para Cães, Hotel para cães
  • Treino para Cães, Hotel para cães Caniroa
Intended for dogs and owners requiring Guard and Protection Training where both earn to work together and defend in different situations. Owners will be capable of controlling their dogs in guard and protection situations and exercises in order to avoid using force unnecessarily and only when really justified.

Owners will be capable of helping, backing up and protecting their dogs during the tasks and exercises taught and requested of them.
The dog will be a fully-fledged member of the team and will be trained to back up, help and protect its owner through using force only when required.

It won’t be allowed to snarl, bark or intimidate people in any way, as many unfortunately do, but remain calm and efficient at all times.

Its calm and capable presence has a dissuasive effect and prevents accidents from occurring.

If necessary, it will be trained to safeguard and protect its owner, causing as little physical harm as possible. A good bite is enough to stop a problem. Dogs shouldn’t be taught to attack at random and mustn’t be considered defence training but negligence and lack of respect for everyone and everything.

Owners can wait until their dogs and they themselves learn to use the necessary force in adequate training conditions and not to turn their dogs into potential aggressors or dangerous animals.

What is important is that dogs and owners are capable of performing the demanding exercises constantly demonstrated by Caninus, without altering a dog’s behaviour and temperament, making it efficient, calm and powerful and never too aggressive or nervous.

Too aggressive, insecure and nervous dogs will be excluded from the course until they are ready to continue training.
Refresher courses will be offered to dogs and owners after Guard and Protection courses.

Cost of the Guard and Protection Training Course

€300 a month (including VAT), for a period of 3 months, from Monday to Friday. Food included for dogs weighing up to 40 kg.

Garantia Técnica Caninus cursos

Caninus Technical Guarantee

At the end of the Guard and Protection courses, all dogs that are not at the technical level that distinguishes us from other training centres, through our fault or a fault of the dog’s, due to the level of excellence we always encourage in our students, will have sufficient extra classes to achieve this level, at no additional charge for owners.

We believe in and always defend honesty and professional honour, preparing courses with scheduled starting and finishing dates and we don’t agree with the “endless class system” without any guarantees, where dogs and owners are often strongly prejudiced.

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