Testmonials from clients and friends of CANINUS Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Center


I’m here to tell my story about “my” time spent in your School and especially Nero’s!
The only way I can think of to show my appreciation when we’re together is to give you a hug and say: THANKS A LOT! For those who know me and my story, they know how complicated it was to keep Nero /a beautiful Rottweiller)!!! I was always afraid of taking him out and he was becoming more and more stressful from staying inside all […]


After completing the training course, we were pleased to return to Caninus – Hotel e Instrução Canina Lda. for another Saturday training session.

The results we obtained with Zippy are extremely positive. We now have a totally different dog as his behaviour with strangers and children improved drastically.

With other animals, it improved too, although he did have his crises from time to time, but nothing like it used to be.

A very big thanks to Caninus and João Névoa and all those […]


“Marley is now two and a half years’ old, healthy, full of energy and happy, but he wasn’t always like that…I took him in when he was two months’ old and little did I imagine what I was in for! I didn’t know a thing about dogs but very soon I had a nightmare at home with sharp teeth. He ruined furniture, clothes, shoes and everything he managed to get his teeth at. There was no way of stopping him […]


It really is possible…
After many requests to Father Christmas (disguised as my husband!), he brought me a ball of fur in 2010 whom we called Scott!!!
He fitted in the palms of our hands… “what a sweety!”, “so calm!”, “what a darling!” everyone would say when they came to our house. He really was calm and a sweety until he was 4 months old!!!!
Scott grew up and turned into the terror of the household!!!
Feed him? Go out of the house? Come […]


A stroke of luck came my way…I had a problem… I still do but at least now I know how to deal with it and I realised that actually I am the one entirely responsible for solving it!
A new member of the family appeared about 5 months ago – it wasn’t a shared challenge but that’s another story that isn’t relevant here.
Migalhas – christened on the same day as she was offered to me, is a tan boxer […]


“Well, after a long time, here we are to talk about this huge change in our lives. We have a beautiful Golden Retriever, just like the ones on dog food bags! When we brought her home, everyone went mad! Tiny and beautiful, she seemed like a cuddly toy. That was why (and for other reasons) she grew up doing as she liked. After 1 year went by, we had a Golden Retriever who thought (and seemed to be) a Rottweiller […]


I’m writing this message to show how unpleased and sad I am at how depressed my four-legged daughter returns home every week. I can’t understand how she can return home at the end of every week of work so unwilling to stay. It’s really heartbreaking for any “mother” knowing that her daughter no longer prefers her lap.

Does that horse or snake charmer work at Caninus too?

Thanks João and Fiona. It’s very comforting to know that my “TOOTSIE” is so well […]


We have a two-year old brindle boxer who came to us when he was 5 months old. When we had to go away for the first time and couldn’t take Viper with us, we started worrying where to leave him. We asked fr4ie3nds, consulted sites on the internet but we didn’t know how to choose. We consulted CANINUS and decided to leave him there after reading the testimonials. Little did we know that this choice would make a decisive change […]