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Our team of skilled and competent technicians offers a personalised service in the different training courses we provide, where owners can adapt the best strategies to the best results.

treino para cães
treino para cães
Treino para cães
Treino para cães |Walks for Dogs
The family is invited to take an active part in all courses, handling their dogs when they are working under the instruction of our experienced trainer. Our working method involves benefiting from the natural qualities of each dog and the needs of each family in order to improve their quality of life and family environment without using violent or unnecessary methods like electric shocks and prong collars sticking into dogs’ throats. Unfortunately, this is used by many so-called quality training centres that have actually no quality at all, while competent authorities look the other way, even in training courses officially given by national and international trainers.

Throughout the thirty years we have been training dogs, we have never used these unnecessary, really barbarous methods and have actually been criticised for not hitting dogs, which is something we have always been proud of. It has always been our hallmark and has been recognised through the appreciation and performance of dogs trained by us as well as the vote of thanks and acknowledgement of their owners.

For some years now, we have also had the honour of training second generations of owners, proving the confidence their parents had in our training capacities based on a lot of work, exercise and fun for dogs, owners and trainers.


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